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    IncNext is an incorporation service website designed to allow you to form your own corporation. http://www.incnext.com is operated by Eastbiz.com, Inc., 5348 Vegas Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89108. Eastbiz.com uses the information provided on our order forms to complete the information on the required state forms. IncNext.com will serve as incorporator and organizer when submitting paperwork to the Secretary of State. IncNext.com is not a law firm, and neither IncNext.com nor any of its employees or associates provide legal services or legal advice. Further, no representations or warranties, expressed or implied, are given regarding the legal or other consequences resulting from the use of our services or forms.

    The information contained in this site is provided for general information only and should not serve as a substitute for legal advice from an attorney familiar with the facts and circumstances of your specific situation. IncNext.com’s liability is limited only to amounts paid to Eastbiz.com, Inc. If you are not satisfied with our service, please first contact our office manager Natasha Waite at 702-871-8678. She will be able to to solve all the issues. You can also contact directly our president and owner John Vanhara (info@eastbiz.com), cell phone (702) 296-0212. If you are seeking a stronger guarantee, it is recommended that you contact an attorney.

    Processing time for orders

    Even if the Nevada Secretary of State offers 24-hour expedite filing, there is no guarantee that the filing will be done in 24 hours. When there are a high volume of orders, the processing time can go longer. This is something Eastbiz.com, Inc. cannot control, and we don’t offer guarantees about processing time. Processing time can go longer for different reasons (name is taken, similar name exists, special name, misplaced order by Secretary of State, etc.).

    USPS and overnight courier

    We cannot offer any guarantee that USPS or overnight couriers (DHL, FedEx) will deliver on time. Especially when sending by USPS, there is no way to track the package. If it gets lost, we cannot offer any discounts or refunds. The cost of filing exceed many times the cost of postage or our profit. Please use overnight courier as much as you can. If the package is sent by overnight courier and the package gets misplaced or delayed, we can contact the courier to get you a refund for the shipping cost.

    Clearance of funds

    We cannot process any order until we get funds cleared. (Check clearing takes approximately four business days). This applies also to eCheck (PayPal eCheck, electronic check, faxed check, mailed check, wire transfer) payments.

    Cancellation of orders

    Please request all refunds in writing (e-mail, fax or mail). E-mail them to support@incnext.com or fax to 702-871-8678

    Incorporation service cancellation: If an order is canceled after payment has been taken by IncNext.com but before a name check has been completed, IncNext.com will refund the total order amount less a $25 processing fee. If the order is canceled after the name check has been completed but before the formation documents have been created, IncNext.com will refund the total order amount less a $50 processing fee. If the order is canceled after the formation documents are created, IncNext.com will refund the total amount of the order less a $75 processing fee provided that the formation document is not already filed with the state. Money paid to IncNext.com that has already been paid to the state for filing fees or to suppliers is not refundable.

    Fees for virtual mailbox rental or office program are not refundable. Postage deposit is fully refundable.

    We charge $25 cancellation or refund fee on other services. We don’t refund fees paid to the Secretary of State. They are not refundable under any circumstances.

    A $25 fee will be added to all checks returned to IncNext.com due to insufficient funds or closed accounts. In addition, a bank service fee will be charged on these checks.

    Correspondence from the Secretary of State: Mail sent from the Secretary of State or the State of Nevada that is sent to the Resident Agent’s address is forwarded for free as part of the Resident Agent service, but the Resident Agent’s address doesn’t automatically become the “business address” for your company. Unless the Nevada Resident Agent specifically permits a corporation to do so and proper paperwork is filed with the U.S. Postal Service, a company’s Nevada Resident Agent’s address will not be eligible for a business address. Mail forwarding service starts at $99 per year. The simple rule is: When the State is sending mail to your company and it is always labeled to our Resident Agent’s name, then mail forwarding is free. If mail is labeled to your company’s name, it is unauthorized use of our address. We charge a $15 forwarding charge per piece of unauthorized mail.

    Renewal Notifications

    We send all notifications by email (notification about annual dues and fees, change of status, etc.). It is the client’s responsibility to keep a correct email address on file with us. We do not mail any notifications.

    Nominee Director Service

    Nominee Director/Manager/Office service means that you (owner/shareholder/member) select us as your officer/manager/director. Our service is limited to filing an annual list or apply for EIN. We do not open any bank accounts or sign contracts. We can also give power of attorney to your representative to act on behalf of the company. Complete agreement is located here and you agree to with the terms when using the nominee service. In case we receive complains from your customers or indication that any unethical or unlawful activity by your company we will immediately file new Annual with your information as in our records. You will be billed for the annual list filing cost. IncNext.com its agents, representatives and employees specifically disclaim any warranty beyond the limited warranty stated above, whether express or implied, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for purpose. Under no circumstances will IncNext.com, its advisors, agents, representatives and employees be liable or responsible for any damage or inconvenience caused or alleged to be caused by the use of our services. Updated January 14, 2016

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