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    Starting your own startup was never easier. Set up your LLC or Corporation and get to work on your venture, we'll take care of the paperwork!


    Minnesota INC or LLC for $338. No hidden fees.

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    Complete Package

    Simple All You Need Package & logo for free

    Our All You Need Package containts everything to get you started. You pay a single price per state and we take care about the rest for you.

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    Process Explained

    The creation process

    We save your valuable time by doing what we do best – creating companies. There are five main steps and some related administrative that we cover for you.

    Minnesota regular filing takes approximately 2 weeks.

    Once your company is ready

    Once the company comes to live, you will need a few things to make it comply with the Minnesota laws. Some are one-off and some on yearly basis. Our system will remind you at the right time, so no worries.

    Why Minnesota

    Why incorporate in Minnesota?

    Most important statistics

    Cost of Living Index
    For Minneapolis, MN (2010) Index Score
    Composite 111.0
    Grocery Items 111.6
    Housing 116.8
    Utilities 104.7
    Transportation 103.7
    Health Care 105.4
    Misc. Goods & Services 110.4
    Get Minnesota Company

    Fees & taxes

    Business Inventory Tax
    Business inventory is exempt.

    Corporate Income Tax
    Minnesota has a flat rate tax of 9.8%. Minnesota does not have a capital value tax. Unlike a corporate income tax which is imposed only on a business’ profits, a capital value tax is imposed regardless of whether a business is profitable or not.

    Personal Income Tax
    Minnesota’s personal income tax system consists of three separate brackets with a top rate of 7.85% starting at an income level of $61,460.

    Personal Property Tax
    Minnesota is one of the 38 states that collect property taxes at both the state and local levels. Most commercial and industrial property is assessed at 1.5% on the first $150,000 of market value and 2.0% of remainder. No tax on intangible property.

    State Sales and Use Tax
    Base Rate: 6,5%
    Machinery Rate: none
    A refund for the tax on sales of capital equipment is imposed and collected at the general tax rate, and upon application by the purchaser, a refund will be paid to the purchaser.

    Unemployment Insurance
    Minnesota’s new employers’ rate is 2.88% for 1 year.

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